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Sicoya develops, packages and sells silicon photonics based application specific photonic integrated circuits (ASPICs) for low cost optical data center interconnects with superior performance. ASPICs are offered either as bare dies or as packaged chips.

The Challenge: Data is flooding data centers

Networking data growth is primarily driven by mobile applications running on tablets, smart phones, and notebooks. By 2018 more than half of the global data traffic from such devices (17 Exabyte) will be processed and stored in data centers. Handling such amounts of data requires servers with higher computing power but also faster optical interconnects between the servers. Today´s interconnect technologies do not meet the demands of next generation warehouse scale data centers. Consequently, solutions for big data and cloud computing call for novel disruptive approaches to network architectures as well as optical interconnect technology.

The Solution: Optics is going chipscale

The technological leap towards low cost optical interconnects with high bandwidth is enabled by silicon photonics which brings together light processing and electronics into integrated chips. Sicoya develops silicon photonics based application specific photonic integrated circuits (ASPICs) for optical data center interconnects. Sicoya’s unique value proposition is the cointegration of ultra-small optical modulators and detectors with electrical drivers and amplifiers on a single chip using the fastest CMOS electronics platform. The ASPICs are packaged using novel low cost packaging approaches including electronic and photonic interfaces for maximum compatibility with our customer´s packaging processes. This enables the production of highly integrated optical transceivers for low cost and superior performance.

The Technology: Small is beautiful

Sicoya’s advanced technology platform utilizes 130 nm SiGe-BiCMOS process technology that provides ultra fast electronics for driver and amplifier circuits that are cointegrated with the photonic circuits on a single chip. The core technology comprises the worldwide smallest silicon modulator. This translates into higher energy efficiency regarding the control electronics and the usage of the light from the laser source resulting in superior performance in power consumption, reliability and signal integrity. The complete process chain is set up for high yield by wafer scale testability. The extremely high level of integration leads to practical and cost efficient scaling roadmaps.

The Team: Experience is the key

The Sicoya team started developing the technology for almost eight years ago and since then has achieved breakthough advances in single components as well as in the system design. This work is performed by a group of photonic designers, micro-electronic designers, and experts in photonic-electronic packaging with longterm experience. The business development is lead by our experienced management with a comprehensive background in the highly complex data center market.

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OFC 2016

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Photonics West 2016

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16 March 2015

IKT Gründerwettbewerb

Sicoya received the "IKT Innovativ" award during
CeBIT 2015 in Hannover.